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The right model is the dream ticket to instantly communicate your brand message. It’s the foolproof way to show your collection as it should be worn, with all the movement and flair that a good model can bring to the party.   

We’ll take all the risk out of the equation by helping you cast the perfect look. We have the industry connections to conduct model castings, provide creative sets and source props and locations.  

Think of us as your secret weapon.

Can I produce retouching notes for my images?
This is always recommended. The more you share with us before the retouch, the better the images will be for you.

How long does the retouch take?
Images are retouched for between 2-60 minutes depending on the product and desired finish

Can I sit in on my retouch?
Absolutely, however we would not recommend this for high volume white background shoots as it can be very repetitive.

Do you colour match my images?
We colour match all images to the actual colour of your products. If we photograph both still life and model of your product then we will colour match these images to each other.

Can you resize and crop my images ready to upload to my website?
We are more than happy to provide your images website ready, so that you can upload them without any further work.

Can I received all my images without retouching?
If you wish to take all your images away at the end of a shoot unretouched please ensure that you bring a hard drive with you as raw images can be too large to send over the internet

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