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Got a question? We have all the answers. If you can't find your question here please call us. We are always on the end of the line, ready to talk through your shoot and share our industry expertise   

When it comes to ecommerce photography we are the people in the know. Our experts know exactly how to get your shoot planned, photographed and edited to perfection.

Ecommerce photography. All wrapped up. 

How do I book in?
Please either call the studio booking line on 0208 838 5809 or email at You can also use the contact form on the contact page.

How much notice do I need to give you?
We usually have availability for last minute bookings and will always be able to squeeze you in. However if time is on your side please try to give us at least a week or two’s notice.

What do I need to send to you ahead of my shoot?
There is some information that you’ll need to gather ahead of your shoot. This includes example images, a shot list and some more technical information but we will talk you through this when you book in.

How long does it take for you to shoot my samples?
This is difficult to answer as every item takes a different amount of time. However as a guide 1 image takes between 10-60 minutes to shoot and retouch.

What is your turn around time?
Our standard turnaround time is 72hrs but we can do it quicker if requested. The process is day 1 for shooting & retouching, day 2 for quality control and day 3 to send to the client.

Can I come to the studio for the shoot?
Of course. We love our clients to come to the studio. Although its not always necessary we believe that nobody understands your brand as well as you. In the case of creative shoots we insist on a client being present.

Do I need to come to the studio?
There is no need to come to the studio for simple ecommerce imagery. We will be able to shoot without you being here and you can send your items in the post or via courier.

Can you do the shoot at my premises?
Space permitting we can send a location team to shoot at you. This can be a good solution for larger or very expensive items.

What services do you offer?
We primarily offer ecommerce photography for fashion retailers. This includes invisible or ghost mannequin, flats, table top product photography as well as model imagery. We shoot all of this on both white backgrounds or in creative settings with a more editorial finish.

Do you also shoot non fashion products
We tend to specialise in what we call fashionable products which includes fashion, accessories, beauty, jewellery and homeware. That said we have been known to shoot the occasional mouse trap and peanut butter jar.

Can you shoot campaigns and lookbooks on location?
Absolutely. We have a dedicated team for this with supporting assistants and production.

Do you shoot videos?
Yes we shoot catwalk and creative videos in the studios as well as campaign videos on location.

Can you book models, make up artists and stylists for me?
We have a roster of reliable and talented freelancers and model agencies to help you create the look to suit your brand. Let us know what you need and our team will let you know the options.

Can you order props and backgrounds for us?
We have relationships with all the major prop houses in London to help you create a unique look for your brand’s imagery. Let us know what you need and our team will let you know the options.

Do you offer a creative service or on set art direction?
If you are unsure of how you want your shoot to look we offer a creative idea development service as well as on set art direction.

I have an idea for a shoot but i’m not sure how to pull it together, do you offer a consultation service?
We offer a 2 hour consultancy with our team where we can pull your ideas together to create a comprehensive shoot with a fixed budget.

Do you offer shoot production?
We have a range of production solutions including shoot planning, budgeting, casting, crewing up, location finding, location vans, equipment hire and on shoot production.

What time is the latest I can send my samples to you?
Please try to send your items to us by 3pm the day before your shoot. If you are coming to the shoot then simply bring your product with you on the day.

Do I need to steam my samples ahead of the shoot?
One of our studio assistants will be on hand to steam your samples and order them for you in preparation for your shoot. Just let us know ahead of time.

Do you have parking?
We are able to provide free parking in our West studio. In our East and Central studios there is paid on-street parking and good transport links.

How close are you to a tube station?
All of our studios are within a 5 minute walk of a tube station. Harlesden is closest to 100% West, Chancery Lane to 100% Central and Hackney Wick to 100% East. Please feel free to call the studio team for assistance.

When are the opening times for the studios?
All studios are open from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6pm. The studios can be opened for specialist bookings out of hours and weekends.

How good will my photographer be?
You will be placed with a photographer that specialises in your sector. All our photographers work full time for 100% Digital. This ensures that they follow our training and guidelines which guarantees the best quality.

Can I have the same photographer each time?
We will always try to place you with the same photographer as this works best for all parties. On the odd occasion your photographer is away you can rest assured that the team will know your photography guidelines in order to produce a consistent set of images.

If I stay for the day, can you provide lunch?
We have a great selection of lunch menus for you to choose from including vegetarian and vegan options.

Can I select my images on the day?
We would encourage you to select your images on the day of the shoot as it saves time for all parties. If however you wish to take your images away and select them in your own time then this can be arranged.

Can I produce retouching notes for my images?
This is always recommended. The more you share with us before the retouch, the better the images will be for you.

How long does the retouch take?
Images are retouched for between 2-60 minutes depending on the product and desired finish.

Can I sit in on my retouch?
Absolutely, however we would not recommend this for high volume white background shoots as it can be very repetitive.

Do you colour match my images?
We colour match all images to the actual colour of your products. If we photograph both still life and model of your product then we will colour match these images to each other.

Can you resize and crop my images ready to upload to my website?
We are more than happy to provide your images website ready, so that you can upload them without any further work.

Can I receive all my images without retouching?
If you wish to take all your images away at the end of a shoot unretouched please ensure that you bring a hard drive with you as raw images can be too large to send over the internet.

What happens after my images are completed?
Every job is thoroughly checked by one of our senior photographers before the images are sent to you. They will be compared to your example imagery and specifications to ensure quality and constancy.

How do you send the final images?
Your images will be sent to you via an FTP link where you will be able to download them.

What do I do if I have problems downloading my images?
There shouldn’t be an issue in downloading your images however if you need technical assistance we will be happy to help.

How long are my images available for download?
We will host your images on our FTP for 2 months however we will keep a copy at our studio incase you misplace them for upto a year.

What happens if i have some requests to amend my final images?
No problem at all. We have a free amendments policy for any mistakes we have made.

How long will my amended images take to be fixed?
We aim to turn around amendments within 48hrs.

Can I store my products at you?
We can store your products at our studio for up to 2 weeks after your shoot. After that we will notify you of a future charge for storage or disposal.

Can you send the items back to me after the shoot?
We can organise a same day courier or overnight delivery for you upon request. This is payable upfront. We regrettably cannot take your items to the post office or other collection point.

How much does it cost?
We don’t publish our pricing online. If we did then you would never call us and find out how fantastic our staff are and how much value we as a company can add to your enterprise. Please contact the studio for a same day quote.

I’ve found it cheaper can you price match?
Our pricing is competitive but you will always be able to find cheaper. In short we believe in offering more and sometimes more costs more. As such we don’t price match.

How does your pricing structure work?
White background ecommerce photography tends to be priced at a per shot price and our creative and model photography is charged by the hour. Our production is also charged by the hour.

How much does a model cost?
Prices vary depending on the model. As a general guide day rates for a model with 12 months ecommerce usage will cost between £300 and £2000+

Do you own the rights to the images once they have been shot?
We assign full usage of the imagery for you to use however you want for as long as you want. This is notwithstanding other agreements such as model usage which may carry its own restrictions.

When do I need to pay for my shoot?
Clients are requested to pay ahead of receiving any final images. Regular clients can request an account with us with 30 day payment terms.

How do I pay?
You can pay by BACS, cheque, cash, debit and credit card.


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